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Welcome to Central Junior High School

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CJHS Remote Learning Expectations

Remote learning begins on Monday, August 24th, for all Central Junior High Students.  Google Classroom will be our platform to provide instruction.  The following is a general outline of the daily schedule and expectations.


Students will be required to complete their class’s daily question to be counted as present.  This will look a little different from class to class, but will be related to current learning activities.  Student absences will be subject to our regular handbook guidelines and policies.  

Learning Materials

Teachers will be providing learning content from a variety of sources.  In addition to online content, they may provide other multimedia presentations of lessons and concepts.  Their learning device (computer, Chromebook, etc) must allow them to listen to audio and play video.  Our goal is to give materials online as close as possible to the regular classroom experience.


All assignments given are expected to be completed at the same high level that is expected in the classroom.  If a student struggles with instructions or timelines, they need to use the many communication tools that are provided in Google Classroom.  Teachers are more than happy to schedule online time or phone calls to discuss any concerns.


Unlike the fourth quarter of last school year, students are working towards full grades on our regular grading scale.  Grades earned will count towards promotion.  Grades will also be checked weekly for athletic eligibility.  Important note: Parent Portal provides the actual posted grades for student work.  Grades found in Google Classroom are for feedback purposes only.

The following is a general time schedule for each day.  Students may log in at their convenience to check in for attendance and complete assignments.  Google Meets sessions have specific times for each teacher that will be announced in their classes.  Students are not limited to these sessions to interact with their teacher, but these are guaranteed times that they can attend an open meeting for questions and discussion.

Remote Schedule

It is our sincere mission to make this experience manageable for students.  We will strive to create an academically rich experience that will help them return to in-person instruction without too many gaps.  If there is any way we can help you, please reach out to Mr. Cass at 618-937-2444 or at ccass@wfschools.org


2020-21 Frankfort CUSD #168 Handbook

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